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Subtext and Chicanery

Subtext beneath the words
Forever framed in tone
Context of what resides
To the left and to the right
Ever masking the importance
Covered by the selected terms
Chosen to deliberately disguise

Artifacts and relics
Do not need to be
Draped in the timelines
Attached to those of

And as you bathe the scent from your skin
Remember all the fantasies you conjured in
Dismay—recall each of the swollen lips you
Pursed with corresponding eye-lids in puffy
Display—dream in pine sol—scrub away the
Grime before it stains, that which is what it
Was about, even in those moments, where you
Yourself, never truly understood what the
Reactions you perfectly portrayed, were none other
Than spectacular reactions to the lemony scent to
Which our entireties have thus been named.