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Short Poem 8-16-13-6

Blocks and barricades convene in the center of our outlines.  It is, as if, nature is screaming at us. “Adapt or Die,” and while many listen for the follow up to such advice, others react instinctively in the moment.  There is no guaranteed outcome; yet, there is always an outcome nonetheless.


Short Poem 8-16-13-5

An artist belies dreams.  He hunts for texture and for the illusory case of the perfect seam.  He dreams in measurements yet awakens to the dull-drab shades he always opts for.  Rows and rows of Corn Dollies sit in need of tune-ups.  Some missing heads, others limbs, while others, never do receive a name at all.

Short Poem 8-16-13-4

Mankind is rife with terse reminders of the ever-lengthening scars formed deep within the lost crevices of his interior.  It is, at such hours of disenchantment, where treble-tinged vivisections stir the scalpel cold to flesh. Therein a pulsating vibration beckons unearthly fears unquenchable until the manifestation is acutely committed to.  The surgeon, fresh off a seventy-two hour misshapen bout against reality, stands, imperceptibly shaken yet shaken nonetheless.  It is then, beneath the blankets of operating room lights, that the keen observer will unmistakably notice the contrast of appearance.

Short Poem 8-16-13-3

Lost amidst the trellises of radiant glitter and crimson scaffoldings, is corded insignificance.  Such passageways endear their exteriors to those impatient with palatial gardens and the valleys of waking doldrums.  It is here, in such dominions, where the keen blend fastidiously with the ermine, slinking about in secrecy, gnawing upon the vestiges of dignity, and all the while creating a martyr’s trove of varicose reactions. Beneath this new estate, there are magnanimously enriched life forms, biding their days with the frailty of a past-lives’ prognostication citing the prominence of the days that follow suit. They flee beneath the radar of disconcerted eyes, collecting and scavenging whichever degradation their fragile frames can amass beneath such convoluted armor.  They collaborate with their brethren, engorging upon the hollow earth with their so-called civilized modernity, enriching the soil with the well-placed trinkets they’d ensnared from the last descendants of humanity itself.  These gathered idols are reminders, of just what the tiny form can conquer when cooperation and unyielding belief coincide so generously.

Short Poem 8-16-13-2

Man leads wisdom about by its hogtied verisimilitude. Brigands meander about adjacent stars.  Destiny is often confused with the random functioning of a mismanaged wherewithal. Shape is easily upended by the dampening of one’s own box spring. One must ponder greatly when a circumstance of such carelessness is overtly available for examination. The proof becomes tainted by the thoroughness of an investigator who awakens solely for the thrill of the impossible puzzle.  Such an adversary is worthy of a true opponent, one disguised in the wares of a master tradesman, intent to keep his cache veiled and unacknowledged.