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Has What’s Been Ignored Been Received Well?

And so…

…Like dust redistributing the atmosphere with salt and pepper paint-strokes of disassembled gambits of temporary existence.

…Like glitter genuflecting upon the pulpits of false gods and sacrificial lambs…bleating in bloated biorhythms of incandescent temporality…blinded completely by an unfortunate choice of shades.

…Like dampened cloths beguiling the drapery with its wash, collecting every invisible remnant dormant yet astir, partially in prayer, entirely in-dream, hoping all that will about become is resultant solely from the unsubstantiated anxieties formed in frown, upon this altar built from heaven commonly referred to as life, itself a mystery only solvable through death.

…Tomorrow thinks nothing of what it steals from today.


Pondering The Viability Of Perception

If one videotapes themselves asleep for four hours,

then proceeds to immediately watch the playback upon waking,

is it plausible to consider the sleep as having lasted eight

Taxation without Canonization

A flagon with but one abandoned remnant
A thicket of balding spurs
In fealty
the king
recognizes the sacrament
yet levies taxation unto
a congregation in need

of salivation