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Song Sung in Mourning, Days Prior to Eve of All Things Hollow and In Fear

Got to make time for mourning

Else the night is all there’ll ever be

Got to make time for mourning

Or the dark’s all you’ll ever see


Motion lights tripping fancy

Neon nets collect the tribe

Offering subscriptions long

Since unsubscribed—

Potions, desk-clerks, and operations not quite right,

Losing the rib-cage way back when, when time

Was but a part of the wit and wryly fit into all of this


Winter will be here soon

Quickly approaching from the north

It shall sheet us in her white

Making all the bones chill at the thought of their sight of each

Leftover lingering from last night


Dying ain’t easy

Or so they say

But I always find myself wondering

How’d they research this and

how reliable was the source


So desperate for attention

We say the most remarkable things,

And what seems inane at first, we listen for a reassuring less-unfriendly voice—


Simmering are the shades that glisten,

All the while as time ferments, casting out

The aromas of misplaced fights—frigid cold, brazen, bold, and yes,

The smirking always shows as they cross the meandering light, out of

Focus in their gaze, as the pass the shadowed space, just slightly parallel to where

The forgeries rest in agitation

In isolated disdain

Their cries

Are heard

at a distance much further

than from where you remain up on the wall of such a deadly place




Hypodermal Anaphylactic

By some Idol, flash-dried
Frozen, in the blink of the eye

Singularity sights of Moon’s ascent
Faded skylines illuminate in star-light glow
Forever, it’s been
Since first you tried to decipher their myth
Longer since
You tried to unlock their code

Pressure daunting as placed upon
The vertebrae of a fresh sowed dawn

It’ll grow foggy before the mist lifts out…
Perfect timing
To let the haze level,
And to watch the hallucinations fade to
The enlightened state of the newly never known—
At which point, you’ll have found…the sense that’s always been

When going to a well…please do so thirsty

I was held to task-
forced to drink from
the murky depths well,
known for it’s hallucinatory
qualities and wonderfully
obscure abstracts thus produced

I must have been
the test group
for I was amazed
to find the well
was indeed dry…

I’m sure wouldn’t
have made much the
difference, seeing
I’ve never seen
the world the
same as most do..

for me, lines blur,
rules bend, and associations
mingle in a space preserved
for animation

Roy Scheider, Eddie Murphy and the Scooby Snacks In-Between

I awoke from last nights slumber
plumb center in a field of straw
where threshed limbs rose then fell,

Frozen in this sector of dream-thrum space
beat, beat, beating was the sounds it made,
growing stalks, so high it shot, into clouds
and past the limits of imagination

Whipping reeds collapsing at,
me…whack, whack, snap, snap

Still in daze, but still I understood…
classic case, of man vs. nature, a
pissing match, on it’s home turf

Smack..shattering blow
I will feel that tomorrow

Out I pulled, the handy pocket knife I never seemed to carry
but carried now. Flipped switch, blade out, yet too much
time spent admiring the street skills I never knew I had, cost
me dearly….as stalk shot, in, at, over, under, upending me

Blade lost, deep within, feel a shard, just a tuck…punch, out
five for fighting, rots of ruck, “Scooby-doo, really”

Run, Run, Run, Run, Run….it chased,(not Scooby but the stalk)
Sprint, sprint, sprint…it toyed (Sick, sadistic twisted…)
Pant, pant, pant…I believe I heard it laugh, as…

I tossed a Scooby snack, which the plant devoured
definitely ticking off the toon, “raggy, raggy…”

The hedging ended and I stood tippy-toed against a ledge
overlooking a sea of weed, yep, that kind, a beach and a tiny boat, floating gently
across the ocean’s waves…

Oh, safety, safety…thank you, thank you, as I somehow was now feet firmly in the sand,
“You’re a life saver, yes you are,” I screamed out loud, but the boatmen couldn’t possibly
hear my call, but closer he did come…

as he approached my eye sight got better…

Oh, wait… Is that Roy Scheider…it is… aww damnit…
was all my brain could muster
for I knew what would be next
if I jumped atop this boat’s deck…

So, I gave up.
I collapsed atop the sand.
Watched Roy Scheider’s boat drifting away
and then said “what the heck,” and ran as fast I could,
“hey, by any chance do you have a lighter,” and Roy tossed
me a zippo.

Later that evening
I could be seen
Getting higher than I’d ever been

And from there the events round out as such:
Puff, Puff, Puff
Puff, Puff, Puff
Plane up high, sees the smoke signals in the sky,
I yelled and cheered the best I could
But what I thought was a rescue
He thought was merely an invite…

So we partied till the dawn
and when it looked like things
were winding down, Eddie Murphy
suddenly appeared, “my girl likes to party all the time, party all the time…”

“eddie, buddy there aren’t any girls here…” but the pilot couldn’t be heard

And then, just then

The nurse came in and asked me how I was doing, as she refilled the dilaulid from the wall…