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You Are Here!

Collision: Larynx crushed//            //Enter: Pantomimic reply

Kill. Queen. Green. Flag. Capture. King. Within.

A bull and the belle…a message for…

Unmask the luchadores. Show them for all that they are

Bric-a-brac. Banderillas first. In seconds, heart-ATTACK.

What may seem like forcing, isn’t even the crux of it.

This biscuits gone stale.  Pour another round for eachthemall

Horrible what they’ve done with your grammar.

Porous sieve you’ve become.  Drifting round with that afadavit sleeping sideways off your tongue.

Don’t sleep. Don’t sit up straight. Pretend. Dream. Just pretend it’s all a dream.  Stars, they shine. Big. Bright. Here. On this, impossibly broken narrow string that once was just a normal night.

LOUD: Tralalalalalalalalalalalalalla. Sings them all.

SOFT:  whisperslayuponthetonsilstill…[trails off] \\ for silencia’s sake.

INTERMEDIUM: For thou shalt not covet thy maker’s SUN.

THE poltergeist’s a sparrow.  The cardinal’s a fence.

CRETAN: “I’m truly saddened by your loss…{Extremely Edgy}

)you should see the other guy( as I lay here in my bed…only I know. And I can’t help but cry. “How do I tell Daedalus that his toreador is dead?”



Intrinsic Fires Woefully Set Ablaze


Teething under an open fire—

Like a lobo lost amongst a pathless green—

Dichotomous conflagrations

pillaging the frightened veils of

forestry for all its pent-in wares,

often measured against and for

the occasional incendiary

laden-clad in a ribose blanketing

of the singed solutions

most commonly referred to as

a caustic curve of emblazing



Like the blistered bark foundering beside

The ‘boisterous fiefdom’s Burk-bred lineage—

Where and of, a never-close-to-humble callous grey—

Embellishes the fertile floes of icy strains—

Indicating, with an utter lack of soothing decree,

the purge of passage, for those once sent astray—

exiled to verdurous plains of Coventry—

where the never docile embellishing’s

find their tenets bound and soaked—

in the gritty absolution burdened

with and by, the venal aftershocks that linger amidst the swords that swallow long the flagrancies left haranguing the vast seas of cauldron’s past and near—

Over the encompassed quickening, in-steps that brood exonerating quarks of sparks in-kind—

Wrenched the stilled beating of life’s vultures, sweltering in the casks of curdling time—

from the steps and rungs known so well, past the enmity of a forlorn wizard’s locking tierce—and of each its relegating dormancies—en masse

collectives of burgeoned sin—

painting sweet the tinder skies—parsing quick the calming cameos emoted in the unleavened serenades of far-too charming rhythmic tithing’s intellectually etched tempests of design

Harmless benediction, mud stained sediments settling upon the ever-omitted flecks of ossien—unceremoniously unforgiving tortured tongues denigrated to acerbically induced
parsimony—where enmeshed fractals chart the skein—where one’s softened shields striate deep, the egregious acumen of patella’s scorn


Fractures to slivery shards

Moments before the placating trek around the sagacious honoring of wisdom’s once vivacious tree of ever-lasting phrenic economy

Full circle returns anew.


A gross jump-step to the immediate right…
A lantern’s crossing pathway skewed…
Rigid daydream phantasy, alike in all its random quaking…
Boorishly bred insidiousness carves a niche upon your bedpost…
Salacious token collectors infatuate invisibly about your still-framed form…sensually stirring devious deceptions, with each rise of chest your form there makes…

Saginaw Valley, MI…a portrait is missing from a private collection.
Laboratory, PA…a doctor is dismissed for a presupposition undeclared
Chihuahua, MX…a high ranking cartel assassin secretly imports thousands of malnourished cats…and instinctively nurses them back to health…

Incorrigible dart
Sentient louse
Brandishing speed with elixir
Corroborating Orations with vexing whispers…if only to alleviate the ambivalence of the recent dead.

Harpies crèche their attachés slinging coat-check tabs into the arms of the impertinently betrayed
Firebug…antithesis of a wet noodle…coalescing under tin cans tarred in manure…only surviving because of a mispronounced truth…a finite detail ignored by his captors…incontinence toward smell…
Is sometimes
Harsher than

Emulsifying all ideals held to standards much too lofty to grasp free and clear…liquidation of the merchandise buried beneath the hearth…internal discourse hypothesizes how long it will be…yet, the answers are not as clearly cut as the cuttings provided along the back side of certain types of cereal box breakfast treats.

She sits at a table, in a café, along an always-renewable pattern of sole-embraced traction.
Her eyes shift, from straw to bottle, to fizzy drink, orange, purplish hue…eventually settling for occasional, yet repetitive glances in your direction…never quite figuring out the ramifications her gaze constructs…for this man is starving…he suffers dearly, from belly-aches beneath the denim…

Twenty-Six Prevarications

Alternative axioms affirm
Barefaced bedrock’s backbones

Corruption contemptuously condemning contumely—
Degradations dance, descends…

Euphoric entities enable
False friendships forever

Guileful gargoyles gaze
Hauntingly harassing happiness

Inserting imposing inquisitions
Jocund joviality jarring—

Killing Kismets kilns—
Living Luxurious lies—

Multiplying mayhems map—
Neither-named nor numbered

Openly obliterating Obligation’s
Poignantly plotted plan—
Questioning quelled quinellas
Revealing rudimentary rapscallions
Saintly severed strands

Trauma’s tears taught
Unilaterally under ubiquities
Vexed visual vulgarities
Wisdom weeps writhingly

X-raying Xanthus xenophobes
Youthful Yahwistic yearning
Zephyrs zestfully zigzag

One pain
Two promises
Three Penances
Four Paragons
Five Paradigms
Six Parapets
Seven Partitions
Eight Pandemics
Nine Portents
Ten Poltergeists
Eleven Problems
Twelve Puzzles
Thirteen Prophesies
Fourteen Parasites
Fifteen Plebes
Sixteen Personalities
Seventeen Panoramas
Eighteen Placards
Nineteen Postulates
Twenty Princesses
Twenty-One Plans
Twenty-Two Plots
Twenty-Three Pollutions
Twenty-Four Privacies
Twenty-Five Pleas
Twenty-Six Prevarications

Sound of Restless Hope

The larcenous breed of calumet
Is but a generic reproduction, a
Reminder of glass stained moments
After Horus lost every semblance of will

Under hammocks, sea bend breaks
Above footholds, across time’s landscapes
Mending makes
The hour last
Longer than
Anticipation’s ghost
Once foretold—of

Parallel rhythms—in obscure tones—
Consistently bristling—in constant demand—

And so the drums continue
And so the cymbals clash
And so the drums beat on

While the nights
beckon solace,
to blur and purge away—
all the ill-begotten dreams
this day

A Dropkick To The Senses

Canned berry tails
A lice in das wonderbra
Poltergeese-a-playing-white sheets-black eyes
By the playground’s school in the night of day

Au Revoir
Polaroids in antacid games
Reign in the deer
For this hunt takes place somewhere dear
Winnowing in,
The false positives of a Doppler scarred

Tallyho, young buck
Dance free with the prawns and peens
Dancing shell-less, smashing all the spines
Can you hear, can you smell
The Musk of the rad Duck is on the march
And soon…and soon…it’ll be July


Auntie’s madder
Than you could guess
Walking, welking
Dropping coins
On empty dry

Finger painting broken panes
Seeing through distant frames
Watching as the world Calais
Into a place surreal to see
Where one minute you’re sleeping
And the next awakened to find
You’ve turned into a creature
None had ever thought to find

…and there sits Ginger Snapsa,
On the evening
Of three skipped meals



A dropkick to the senses

Hypodermal Anaphylactic

By some Idol, flash-dried
Frozen, in the blink of the eye

Singularity sights of Moon’s ascent
Faded skylines illuminate in star-light glow
Forever, it’s been
Since first you tried to decipher their myth
Longer since
You tried to unlock their code

Pressure daunting as placed upon
The vertebrae of a fresh sowed dawn

It’ll grow foggy before the mist lifts out…
Perfect timing
To let the haze level,
And to watch the hallucinations fade to
The enlightened state of the newly never known—
At which point, you’ll have found…the sense that’s always been