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Intrinsic Fires Woefully Set Ablaze


Teething under an open fire—

Like a lobo lost amongst a pathless green—

Dichotomous conflagrations

pillaging the frightened veils of

forestry for all its pent-in wares,

often measured against and for

the occasional incendiary

laden-clad in a ribose blanketing

of the singed solutions

most commonly referred to as

a caustic curve of emblazing



Like the blistered bark foundering beside

The ‘boisterous fiefdom’s Burk-bred lineage—

Where and of, a never-close-to-humble callous grey—

Embellishes the fertile floes of icy strains—

Indicating, with an utter lack of soothing decree,

the purge of passage, for those once sent astray—

exiled to verdurous plains of Coventry—

where the never docile embellishing’s

find their tenets bound and soaked—

in the gritty absolution burdened

with and by, the venal aftershocks that linger amidst the swords that swallow long the flagrancies left haranguing the vast seas of cauldron’s past and near—

Over the encompassed quickening, in-steps that brood exonerating quarks of sparks in-kind—

Wrenched the stilled beating of life’s vultures, sweltering in the casks of curdling time—

from the steps and rungs known so well, past the enmity of a forlorn wizard’s locking tierce—and of each its relegating dormancies—en masse

collectives of burgeoned sin—

painting sweet the tinder skies—parsing quick the calming cameos emoted in the unleavened serenades of far-too charming rhythmic tithing’s intellectually etched tempests of design

Harmless benediction, mud stained sediments settling upon the ever-omitted flecks of ossien—unceremoniously unforgiving tortured tongues denigrated to acerbically induced
parsimony—where enmeshed fractals chart the skein—where one’s softened shields striate deep, the egregious acumen of patella’s scorn


Fractures to slivery shards

Moments before the placating trek around the sagacious honoring of wisdom’s once vivacious tree of ever-lasting phrenic economy

Full circle returns anew.


A Plus

Arsenic, Asphalt and Acetylene

Acetone, acetoin and Argyle

Argentic, Argyrol, aleph null


Alembic, Azotites, Arion


Amentia, so it seems

QUESTIONS TO Those ANSWers AbovE, are Be-low, but rearranged for the fun of quest….at least that’s the answer My laziness demanded I procure:


Salt, formulating from, formulations of

Combinations, combined to come from an

Acidic base with a nitrous boy, only half her age, ripe with sinful thoughts, green in ways to accost, yet…it’s all about that something…


Anything to purify what dirties

Anything to refine what boors bred

Transforming into something unsaid


The cardinal number of the set

Of all integers is the cardinal of the integers

arrest in bed, looking for the numeral(s) to take you

far away, far, far away, from such a sullied space…to fly


Winged horse—

You didn’t think Pegasus was the only one, did you?

Daughter of Poseidon and Demeter

Sure let’s you ride her through the clouds

Bareback, barefoot, makes her parents, oddly enough, extremely proud…

Advanced Earth Location Data System

Cannot find me close, won’t see me near—

In spite of standing atop it’s core, even with

A back that must be sore…then I must believe in what lies they breathe, making their foolish gestures unkind words, but I guess no longer fallacies, instead,

And so, it must be true.  It must all be true, that I’m this way and that,

I’m severe

I’m lacking where it counts

Intellectually diluted

But the permanency remains,

yet the thoughts just don’t count


Silver proteins

Mesh, with diamond toe

In two or more

Colors painted in patterns examined for


Containing silver and

Having valances

Greater than Agcl, we don’t know, that’s why we try,

To diagnose the foundations before the bed


Yellowish, pleasant

To the smell—

Liquidated from glucose

By fermented means it all becomes,

It all adds to


It All adds to simply add,

Essences and fragrances too


Colorless, yet volatile

Water-soluble, yet

Flammable, liquids,

Oxidations of, isopropyl

Alchoholic, by

Bacterially fermentated

Carb thirsty tongues—

All to varnish

All to paint

A solvency upon



Colorless gas,

Where an Ether-like odor provokes,

It’s produced, by action

Of water, on calcium

Carbides, or alternatively, by pyrolysis

Of natural gas, all for some or some for one, or maybe…forget it

The metal needs cutting, and I’m the one to make well

or how about we just use it to weld this thing here ever-quite swell


Dark colored, solid

Substance, driving

It’s mixed-up mixture home,

Mixed with gravel

Mixed with rock that’s crushed, for

All to pave the way


Without the old lace

This gray-white element,

With a metallic luster,

vaporizes when heated high,

Forming poisonous compounds

At the blink, in front, of the naked eye…

Now count… Now count…

Now count to 33…you may not get it at this time

But I think you’ll understand the reason why…yet, still

If you can’t

Just remember, they all say

That Intelligence, is what I lack

And that I lack it ever so severely,

That they see my hair on fire

Whenever I get inspired to do…whatever really, and anyhow,

How the hell should I know what this all means, I’m stunned,

And therefore I don’t want them to be wrong, so all this time

I’ve learned to pretend I’m dumb