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Fragmented Actions

Radio. Loud
Phone. Vibrate
Finger. Press
Radio. Silence
Voice. Answer. Hello
Voice. Reply. …
Finger. Press
Hand. Mouth. Grabs. Cigarette. Puff. Puff. Cigarette. Crushed. Ashtray. Grey. Ashes and Much Too Unsmoked. Wasted. Butts Remain. Lungs. Cough. Eyes. Water. Lungs Cough. Lungs Cough. Hand. Grabs. Cup. Coffee. Lips. Sip. Throat. Quenched. Cough. Gone.
Hand. Open Drawer. Rummage. Pull. Scrap Paper. Read
Hands. Keys. Fumble. Floor.
Face. Hot. Perspiration. Bead. Sweat. Drop. Scrap. Paper. VOICE. Curse

Eyes. Scan.
Hand. Phone.
Fingers. Press.
Eyes. Scan
Fingers. Press
Eyes. Scan. Send
Fingers. Itching
Fingers. Biting. Raw. Blood.
Hand. Scrap Paper. Automatic. Napkin.
Voice. Answer. ….
Voice. Reply. …
Thanks. Goodbye
Thank you.
Finger. Phone. Off
Hand. Phone. Pocket.
Hand. Wallet. Back Pocket.
Hand. Finger. Light Switch. Off
Feet. Move. Hallway. Quick.
Feet. Move. Stairwell. Dark. Fast. Skipping Steps
Eyes. Look. Mind. Remembering. Remembering. Remembering
Eyes. Recognition.
Feet. Move. Fast
Body. Stop. Eyes. Scan. Eyes. Notice. Feet. Jump. Move. Quick
Hand. Fingers. Handle. Grasp.
Rear. Sits. Seat. Hand. Grabs. Strap. Secures. Torso. Safe
Hand. Grabs. Door. Closed.
Hand. Key. Insertion. Dash. Turn. Roar
Radio. Blare.
Hand. Fingers. Push.
Radio. Silence
Hand. Gear. R
Head. Turns. Eyes. Watch. Clear. Hands. Spin. Wheel.
Hands. Shift. Gear. D
Foot. Pressing. Down. Pedal.
Car. Exhaust. Fumes. Covet. Air.
Car. Tires. Squeal. Tires. Spin. Marks. Left
Car. Drives. Car. Drives. Car. Evades. Red. Lights. Car. Moves. Fast
Car. Slows. Car. Ramp. Eyes. Scan. Eyes Recognize.
Hand. Grabs. Lever. Down. Hands. Wheel. Spin Slight. Left. Turn.
Foot. Brake. Car. Stop.
Hand. Fingers. Grasp. Key. Turn. Car. Off. Extract. Keys.
Hand. Door. Open. Hand. Unclasps. Belt. Torso Safe. Body. Exits.
Hand. Door. Shut. Hand. Fingers. Press. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP.
Feet. Move. Fast. Feet Move. Quick. Eyes. Glance. Watch. Feet Jump.
Feet. Race. Eyes. Watch. Eyes. Watch.
Hand. Grasps. Door. Open. Enter. Feet. First. Hands. Head. Body. In

Eyes. Watch. Glance. Time. Sweat. Beads. Brow. Fine.
Wait. Line. Long. Time. Short. Feet. Prance. In Place.
Eyes. See. Empty Automated Ticketing.
Mind. Thinks. Derogatory. Comment. Re: Computer Vs. Man.
Mind. Recognizes. Time. Short. Can’t Dwell.
Hands. Press. Hand Grasps. Card. Swiped. Ticket. Print.
Hand. Grabs. Tickets. Quick. Feet. Move. Gate. Surprisingly Empty.
Body. Undressed. Wand. Still. Beep. BEEP. Hand Pat. Necessary.
Eyes. Glance. Watch. Sweat Beads.
Voice. “Is Everything alright”
Voice. Mine. Replying. “No.”
DETAINED>Plane. Departs.
Eyes. Watch. Voice. Left.
Hand. Presses. Buttons. Phone.
Ringing. Ringing. Ringing. Other End.
Voice. …
Voice. Mine. Apology.
Voice. …
Voice. Mine. “I see. Well. Thanks. Anyway”
Feet. Move. Slow.
Ticket Gate. NO REFUND>Apply. To. Future. Flight.

REVERSE> ACTIONS. Parking. Structure. To Home.
Stopping. Only. To Fill Tank.
Only For Credit. To Be denied. WHY?
Hand. Slams. Back of Car.
Voice. Curses. Loud.
Child Passes. Voice. Apologizes. Mind. Feels Shame.
Body. Reenters Car.
Hand. Scrambles through. Glove Box. Nothing Found.
Hand. Wheel. Feet. Pedal. Car. Drive.
END>Sequence. End. Promise. End. With Questions. Many Questions.
Unanswered. Unexplained. Unreasonably. Baffled. As to Why. Fate. Treats. One. As. It Often. Does. Questions. Teem. Answers. Less Than. Questions. Home. Feelings. Dissipate. Shades. Drawn. Lights On. TV> On. Comedy. Funny. HAHAHAHAA. A Bit Maniacal. Yes. I know. But. Troubles. Gone. Understandably. To Return. But Not. At least. Until:

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