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Some Simple Wisdom

Many have pondered what it would be like to have enough money to buy anything that they could ever want.  Many arrive upon the notion that they cannot fathom such a position as actually coming to fruition.  However, the answer to such a quandary is actually fairly simple. Having enough money to buy anything you could ever want is a task easily handled by simply wanting less.


It is typical that man is born with an innate gift and/or ability.  However, oftentimes man refuses to acknowledge such a present and therefore, action must be taken to lead man towards what he was born to do.  If someone is extremely capable with his right arm, yet chooses to deny the capabilities he possesses, an intervention often takes form.  Instead of disabling the right arm, it is of a more caring and generous nature to strip man of his left, therefore leaving him with no other option but to utilize that which he has been blessed with.



Imagine an ordinary black marker.  Now imagine that, in your hands alone, you can take that ordinary black marker, and trace the outline of a door.  You can do this anyplace at all.  Next, in whatever position within the outline that you choose, draw a doorknob. Then, imagine that you grab the handle of this doorknob that you have just drawn.  Go ahead; open the door.  Now, imagine that beyond the door frame, within this new place you have just linked to the world you currently live within, reveals your perfect utopia.  This utopia has every dream, wish or desire that you’ve ever thought upon, from infancy to dreams you’ve yet to fancy.  Within your utopia, life is perfect, everything is ideal and you are infinitely filled with a happiness that words could never pay the proper respect to.  Okay, now open your eyes and realize, you are the marker and you alone can find your own way to your version of paradise.  Nobody but you can provide this utopia. Certainly, there will be others involved, yet, in the end, it is you and your belief in what you as your own marker can draw, knowing that there is no limits to what dreams you can achieve.  So, be your own marker and draw away.


Choice and It’s Subsequent Pathways

The avenues we travel in life are never identical.

Some are paved, some tarred.  Others leave their stones unturned,

awaiting flight from vehicles capable of excessive speeds.

The roads we wander are often forked,

leaving direction up to individual choice.

No matter how confident we are of the path we have chosen,

there remains a lingering of doubt; an internal emanation,

that no matter which choice has been decided upon,

there is a casting of opinion rendered unto the self,

which succinctly states, albeit irrationally crafted,

that any of those other possibilities,

would’ve produced a more amenable destination.

A Crooked Path To Prominence

If one finds that failure frequents their mat,

Sloping over, hunched forward, broken pint still glued to inner hand,

simply use the back door and allow the poor soul the rest it truly needs.


Sometimes the shortest way to the goal, is the longest possible avenue worth taking,

while at other times, one must trick their opposition with skullduggery,

painting crooked clues at outposts meant for herrings and moles.


Ignore the afterthought.

Betray the burning thresholds crossed.

Illuminate your skyline with glitter and pearls—

And watch as the atmosphere is infinitely altered with intrinsically profitable rewards.

The Chart

There is a connection, physiological in design, between the head and heart.


There is an image, upon the every image we define, of an image, its shadow cradling life, bearing art.


There is nothing, yet that, in itself, is also something, a paralysis unrefined, and then there is all things, to which, even the strongest of bonds can careen and be torn apart.



A blanket placed upon undistinguished wounds.


Brittle, yet, is also, the framework to the all of, and in, everything.


There is a concert, replaying ad nauseam in the mind, a concerto belittled by those without; a collision before the race begins its start.


There is damage beneath all life’s lines.  Smooth textures merge with the coarsest structures, a diagram that has always been…the chart.




To harness God’s wisdom,

we must travel through perilous terrain and impossible seas.

This is true, yet being comfortable beneath the clearest skies

and within the most inviting pools is no less important to perception.



To arrive at your place of comfort,

oftentimes, you must wade through

many other’s places of discomfort



Being prepared and arming oneself, through adequate research

, gathering as much information as is necessary to secure yourself an edge,

has garnered quite the reputation in recent days.

And while I do not necessarily refute such rituals,

I also feel it is of merit to also choose to understand,

that he who always waits until the iron is fully hot,

quite often will spend much of his time clad in wrinkled clothing.



Ten strangers entered a bank of their own accord.

Each had different reasons as to why they were there, together, at such a time.

Minutes were spent waiting in line, composing deposit and withdrawal slips,

and noticing the new shine from the prior nights late night buffering upon the floor.


Then men in a mask stormed through the front doors.

Immediately they locked the doors, began waving their guns in the air,

yelling and shouting commands to both the bank tellers and to the patrons alike.

Not much time had elapsed when a security guard reached for his gun.

This was a mistake, as the one robber appeared extremely anxious, moving constantly around in no apparent direction.

He continued waving his rifle about,

like he was a maestro performing his very first concert,

until, he unwittingly flinched and thereafter, the guard seemingly appeared certain to be a goner.


Bickering stirred up from within the robbers themselves.

This continued for what felt like years.

They decided to leave; yet the police were already surrounding the bank itself.

Seven hours later an intense standoff ended without a single hostage harmed.


The standoff didn’t produce any casualties and it does appear the guard will be all right.

Ten strangers became ten brothers-in-arms.

If it were not for such a traumatic circumstance,

perhaps many, if not all of these people,

would never have had the opportunity to meet one another.



Why should closeness be stirred by circumstance alone?

Start a conversation; create bonds when bonds do not exist.

If you are rebuffed, so be it,

for the one time you do connect,

all those dismissed transmissions,

will not be seen as anything but a form of necessary groundwork.



Once the you is removed from mourning,

a new day can be ascertained.

Sadness will always tinge your outlook,

yet eventually a smile shall replace the contorted skewer,

upon which the initial shock of abandonment undoubtedly sparks.

Soon acceptance replaces agony;

love and all the positive reminders of love,

supersedes both the sadness and the self-pity one often feels.


By using complex sleights of passage,

we confuse our yearnings just enough

to remain fully outside of our own rationality.

It is often only through such distractions

that we can truthfully operate

from within our own depths of creativity.



Do not be afraid of incongruity.

It is that which our insides crave.

Fear not the gleam communicated through contrast.

Our sight finds balance through the opposite;

our vision detects meaning from unexpected collaborations.



Until we allow ourselves full emotional autonomy, we will not be open to the breadth of exploration.

Once courage merges with curiosity, our sight graduates, moving past mere observation to a state of delving deep within.

It is only through such internal investigation that we can hone our own abilities to see beyond the self;

only then can we begin to understand the underpinnings of our own distinctions.

Where, in doing so, we can expand our own realities to those shared with and by others,

through such a process, the human relationship will be impossible to ignore.

Here, it is where we’ll begin to harness the illuminations prevalent throughout existence;

only now, our vision is open, aware, accepting of and readily available to all the connections awaiting communion.


The truly successful are not those who have only known admiration and congratulations.

This honor is reserved for those that have known misery on a very personal level,

yet never chose to forfeit in the face of such seemingly never-ending peril.


While overcoming adversity is remarkable in itself,

it is equally remarkable for those who fail consistently,

yet still keep trying nevertheless.


Oftentimes our goals can be seen taunting us from across the road,

only to disappear the closer we get.  Do not feel frustrated by this,

simply agree to accept what is, that your goals are there, they are in sight,

but they just are not quite mature enough to greet you

with the civility and professionalism you expect from yourself


As strange as it may sound, sometimes it is best to try and deceive your self,

thereby freeing the road from those meaningful distractions, the kind that appear everywhere.

These are those that have the uncanny ability to keep inner truth buried behind all of the other stuff in daily life.


By purposely adding a touch of self-deception, you will be, in essence, confusing yourself, your goals, dreams

and aspirations.  Where before, they knew they could easily hide themselves behind the daily distractions

we all deal with and feel obligated to pay attention to, but now, your goals et al, will not know where to hide or

which distraction to hide behind, thereby, increasing the likelihood of meeting them up close and personal.