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Every person has actions or conversations in their past,

that they regret having taken part in.

This is a saying that is widely known,

yet, another saying that should be just as well-known,

is often ignored, that being,

that man has many more actions or conversations in their past,

in which they regret not having taken part in


Intrinsic Fires Woefully Set Ablaze


Teething under an open fire—

Like a lobo lost amongst a pathless green—

Dichotomous conflagrations

pillaging the frightened veils of

forestry for all its pent-in wares,

often measured against and for

the occasional incendiary

laden-clad in a ribose blanketing

of the singed solutions

most commonly referred to as

a caustic curve of emblazing



Like the blistered bark foundering beside

The ‘boisterous fiefdom’s Burk-bred lineage—

Where and of, a never-close-to-humble callous grey—

Embellishes the fertile floes of icy strains—

Indicating, with an utter lack of soothing decree,

the purge of passage, for those once sent astray—

exiled to verdurous plains of Coventry—

where the never docile embellishing’s

find their tenets bound and soaked—

in the gritty absolution burdened

with and by, the venal aftershocks that linger amidst the swords that swallow long the flagrancies left haranguing the vast seas of cauldron’s past and near—

Over the encompassed quickening, in-steps that brood exonerating quarks of sparks in-kind—

Wrenched the stilled beating of life’s vultures, sweltering in the casks of curdling time—

from the steps and rungs known so well, past the enmity of a forlorn wizard’s locking tierce—and of each its relegating dormancies—en masse

collectives of burgeoned sin—

painting sweet the tinder skies—parsing quick the calming cameos emoted in the unleavened serenades of far-too charming rhythmic tithing’s intellectually etched tempests of design

Harmless benediction, mud stained sediments settling upon the ever-omitted flecks of ossien—unceremoniously unforgiving tortured tongues denigrated to acerbically induced
parsimony—where enmeshed fractals chart the skein—where one’s softened shields striate deep, the egregious acumen of patella’s scorn


Fractures to slivery shards

Moments before the placating trek around the sagacious honoring of wisdom’s once vivacious tree of ever-lasting phrenic economy

Full circle returns anew.

Fragmented Actions

Radio. Loud
Phone. Vibrate
Finger. Press
Radio. Silence
Voice. Answer. Hello
Voice. Reply. …
Finger. Press
Hand. Mouth. Grabs. Cigarette. Puff. Puff. Cigarette. Crushed. Ashtray. Grey. Ashes and Much Too Unsmoked. Wasted. Butts Remain. Lungs. Cough. Eyes. Water. Lungs Cough. Lungs Cough. Hand. Grabs. Cup. Coffee. Lips. Sip. Throat. Quenched. Cough. Gone.
Hand. Open Drawer. Rummage. Pull. Scrap Paper. Read
Hands. Keys. Fumble. Floor.
Face. Hot. Perspiration. Bead. Sweat. Drop. Scrap. Paper. VOICE. Curse

Eyes. Scan.
Hand. Phone.
Fingers. Press.
Eyes. Scan
Fingers. Press
Eyes. Scan. Send
Fingers. Itching
Fingers. Biting. Raw. Blood.
Hand. Scrap Paper. Automatic. Napkin.
Voice. Answer. ….
Voice. Reply. …
Thanks. Goodbye
Thank you.
Finger. Phone. Off
Hand. Phone. Pocket.
Hand. Wallet. Back Pocket.
Hand. Finger. Light Switch. Off
Feet. Move. Hallway. Quick.
Feet. Move. Stairwell. Dark. Fast. Skipping Steps
Eyes. Look. Mind. Remembering. Remembering. Remembering
Eyes. Recognition.
Feet. Move. Fast
Body. Stop. Eyes. Scan. Eyes. Notice. Feet. Jump. Move. Quick
Hand. Fingers. Handle. Grasp.
Rear. Sits. Seat. Hand. Grabs. Strap. Secures. Torso. Safe
Hand. Grabs. Door. Closed.
Hand. Key. Insertion. Dash. Turn. Roar
Radio. Blare.
Hand. Fingers. Push.
Radio. Silence
Hand. Gear. R
Head. Turns. Eyes. Watch. Clear. Hands. Spin. Wheel.
Hands. Shift. Gear. D
Foot. Pressing. Down. Pedal.
Car. Exhaust. Fumes. Covet. Air.
Car. Tires. Squeal. Tires. Spin. Marks. Left
Car. Drives. Car. Drives. Car. Evades. Red. Lights. Car. Moves. Fast
Car. Slows. Car. Ramp. Eyes. Scan. Eyes Recognize.
Hand. Grabs. Lever. Down. Hands. Wheel. Spin Slight. Left. Turn.
Foot. Brake. Car. Stop.
Hand. Fingers. Grasp. Key. Turn. Car. Off. Extract. Keys.
Hand. Door. Open. Hand. Unclasps. Belt. Torso Safe. Body. Exits.
Hand. Door. Shut. Hand. Fingers. Press. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP.
Feet. Move. Fast. Feet Move. Quick. Eyes. Glance. Watch. Feet Jump.
Feet. Race. Eyes. Watch. Eyes. Watch.
Hand. Grasps. Door. Open. Enter. Feet. First. Hands. Head. Body. In

Eyes. Watch. Glance. Time. Sweat. Beads. Brow. Fine.
Wait. Line. Long. Time. Short. Feet. Prance. In Place.
Eyes. See. Empty Automated Ticketing.
Mind. Thinks. Derogatory. Comment. Re: Computer Vs. Man.
Mind. Recognizes. Time. Short. Can’t Dwell.
Hands. Press. Hand Grasps. Card. Swiped. Ticket. Print.
Hand. Grabs. Tickets. Quick. Feet. Move. Gate. Surprisingly Empty.
Body. Undressed. Wand. Still. Beep. BEEP. Hand Pat. Necessary.
Eyes. Glance. Watch. Sweat Beads.
Voice. “Is Everything alright”
Voice. Mine. Replying. “No.”
DETAINED>Plane. Departs.
Eyes. Watch. Voice. Left.
Hand. Presses. Buttons. Phone.
Ringing. Ringing. Ringing. Other End.
Voice. …
Voice. Mine. Apology.
Voice. …
Voice. Mine. “I see. Well. Thanks. Anyway”
Feet. Move. Slow.
Ticket Gate. NO REFUND>Apply. To. Future. Flight.

REVERSE> ACTIONS. Parking. Structure. To Home.
Stopping. Only. To Fill Tank.
Only For Credit. To Be denied. WHY?
Hand. Slams. Back of Car.
Voice. Curses. Loud.
Child Passes. Voice. Apologizes. Mind. Feels Shame.
Body. Reenters Car.
Hand. Scrambles through. Glove Box. Nothing Found.
Hand. Wheel. Feet. Pedal. Car. Drive.
END>Sequence. End. Promise. End. With Questions. Many Questions.
Unanswered. Unexplained. Unreasonably. Baffled. As to Why. Fate. Treats. One. As. It Often. Does. Questions. Teem. Answers. Less Than. Questions. Home. Feelings. Dissipate. Shades. Drawn. Lights On. TV> On. Comedy. Funny. HAHAHAHAA. A Bit Maniacal. Yes. I know. But. Troubles. Gone. Understandably. To Return. But Not. At least. Until:

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Subtext and Chicanery

Subtext beneath the words
Forever framed in tone
Context of what resides
To the left and to the right
Ever masking the importance
Covered by the selected terms
Chosen to deliberately disguise

Artifacts and relics
Do not need to be
Draped in the timelines
Attached to those of

And as you bathe the scent from your skin
Remember all the fantasies you conjured in
Dismay—recall each of the swollen lips you
Pursed with corresponding eye-lids in puffy
Display—dream in pine sol—scrub away the
Grime before it stains, that which is what it
Was about, even in those moments, where you
Yourself, never truly understood what the
Reactions you perfectly portrayed, were none other
Than spectacular reactions to the lemony scent to
Which our entireties have thus been named.

This Version

an inferior program
would calculate
radically obstructed
pathways for this
version to surmount

a proficient instrument
would understand, the
elementary wisdom
in the comfort of the
sensing strands

Lakes of fear and doubt
lure their charm, instilling
enticing glances unnoticed
by other versions

The shell can operate comfortably
on five, yet six to eight are
optimally preferred

A worthless version is one
that forgets all its instruction,
casts shame upon a world with its
ignorance, beckoning forth the
shadow stream, ever operating
unwittingly, under the controls
of another