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Scenes from an Undisclosed Story

“stripers biting”
“what I hear”
“better not”
“but you wanna”
“yep…but have to finish this all fore that moron boodekier shifts up”
“know, he ain’t doing nothing”
“maybe after if ain’t too late for you”
“we’ll see”
“not that you’ll be ‘allowed”
“oh, you know what
I have to say
bout that….more like…”
“…you eyes be back yo head by then”
Cut To:

Pasty old storefront, whitewashed and unwell, grey sign dangling, swaying slightly in the anxious wind. Football field of emptiness, once proudly paved, now more cracks than ever were cars…and mind you, in it’s day, this joint was the place to be, Friday, Saturday, hell, any night really, long’s you didn’t have no place to be bright and shiny.

Off to the right, can’t miss the gold lock n’ chain wrapping round the twelve-foot gate, holes and all, yet still wraps full round the premises, not perfect, but enough to keep the local children from catching tetanus, breaking bones and such, or seeing something ain’t none supposed to see, forcing decisions none us want to make. Always closed, been that way for years now, yet open tonight.

Following back that alley deep, the outline of the warehouse is much deeper than the front would suggest. Potholes consuming most the path, leading back to the docks, where there’s a man, grey beard, wife-beater, unlit stogie propped hind left ear. Oblivious he must have been not to hear or see us stirring all that dust to the air, either that or he just didn’t care much at all. Too busy motoring that tow motor all about, raising them forks, slanting them crates it carries, angling and loading onto old fish trucks, almost as ugly as this here scene.

I stopped the car right next to that truck, got out, and stared face to face with that faded old catfish, noticing the man whipping round inside, seeing it ain’t as empty as we expected it to be. Found the steps, what was left of them anyhow, climbed to that dock and slowly stepped on to that opening…(BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP), tow motor just missing me right there…guess that proves the man knew we, at least I, was there, ain’t stop him none, as he just loaded up the last pallet to fit, did a quick hop off his seat, pulled that old rope dangling from the drawn back door, stretching as it fell, locking hitch in place. He paused, just slightly, looked at me, sighed, then bent over, snapping lock to it’s slots, looked at me once more, hopped back upon the lift, and sped on back into the warehouse.

I waited a few minutes, but then the lights inside grew fast to dim, then off they were, all as the door lowered itself down, effectively sealing up the space within. My partner rolled down his window, and shouted at me from down below:

“guess he didn’t like
the way you smelled”
“you don’t suppose he’d just leave…he wouldn’t do that would he?
“Think that’s what he just did”
“damn, what I thought, I’m really not in the mood for this”
“and you think I am”
(Now back to the car, getting in)
“not like you got nowhere better to be”
“that is so pathetic…
true but sad, very sad”
(Car driving back up the alley)
“I still love ya though”
“damn, you sure do
have a knack for
making things worse”
“what’s a brother for”

The gate’s been closed again, locking them inside. So they did the only thing they could do, driving at full speed, approaching that gate really fast.

“you’re not doing what I….”
“gotta reopen it somehow”
“Damn, ain’t this a new car too…”
(Car slams on break, empty coffee cups, bags and such fly forward, passenger jerks forward, belt prevents his head from making contact with the dash)

“You couldn’t have told me you
was gonna stop hard now, could
you have….would it have killed you
say, hey, brace yourself, or something
like that…could you”
“and what’s the fun in that”

Driver gets out. Headlamps shining in the recently born moonlight, illuminating some of that dust that was still swirling from their earlier trip down. Popped the trunk, grabbed a bolt cutter and broke open that old lock. Pushed that rusted door off to the side, just enough to get the car through.

“did you know who that guy was”
“no idea, did you”
“hell no, you know, heck said it yourself
millions of times, I don’t know shit”
“that you don’t, that you don’t…but his identity’s going to have
to wait another day or so, bennie and me’s going out for some striper, wanna come?”

“let me think about that….HELL NO,
fishing is so boring…”
“boring…more like relaxing and suspense wrapped into one, and then there’s the beers”
“sure beers are fine, but be honest
you’re just going there for the
gossip…come to think about it, that’s
all he’s good for”
“now leave bennie out of it, he’s a good guy…can be lots of fun just have to know how to take him, that’s all”
“ you know, momma never
knew what you saw in him,
always would say you going out
with that slow boy…never really
saw it then, but come to think
about it, he ain’t all there upstairs,
is he?”

“like I said, just a matter of knowing how to take him, which means you have to know bennie to do that.”


The idea for this piece was just to get some dialogue work in. Been a bit of time since I wrote a script, and need to get going again. So, I decided to just throw the first scene that came to mind together. It was there that I got the idea to work on accents, voice and personality through dialogue. When I first started writing screenplays, there really wasn’t any way to record each line on the computer, or at least that I knew of, and I found that by being able to hear the lines you just wrote, is a huge plus. It also gave me an opportunity to have a little fun trying to work with voices, unfortunately, I think I made these sound too alike. Originally, when I started this exercise, I wanted to get the voices sounding similar, as I felt brothers and close friends often resemble one another’s speech, but after listening, while I can tell who is who, I also realize that the voices may be too similar for those just listening and not following along.




FELICITY, a Girl, 16-ish, gamboling throughout the treed in quad…
Body convulsing, as if she’s fallen victim to some demonic possession…
Head follows where feet lead…

Moving closer in, we see her, oblivious to her immediate surroundings,
Her lips are moving, in rhythm but completely out of tune…

“It’s getting so lonely inside this bed

don’t know if I should lick my wounds or say woe is me instead

and there’s an aching in my head…”

From beneath a stretch of the most southern of the tree walls, BYRON appears.

He’s mid-fifties, handlebar moustache, bald, wearing a tuxedo…

“Miss Felicity…”he calls for the girl, but she is unable to hear him, even after

the ninth and tenth times, each with increasing tones and pitch…

“It’s telling me I’m better off alone

but after midnight morning will come

and the day will see if you get….(stunned) some

Oh, Byron, hey, didn’t see you there.”

The girl stops her singing as Byron explains that she

has a package awaiting her in the master den.  She

thanks him, puts the ear buds back and skips off down

the pathway.  Here we see the ornate landscaping

and fine craftsmanship and intricate detailing of the

many multi-colored tiles,many benches, statues and

water fountains.

“They say that girl ya know she act too tough tough tough
Well it’s till’ I turn off the light, turn off the light…”  and

Felicity disappears into the wall of trees and out of view.


sit at a long table, each with a plate of food.  FOUNT and CONTESSA CALIPH

enter the room.  Everyone stops eating, quickly rising until they are given the

signal to return to their breaking of their fast.

DULCET:      Mother, Father, so glad you’re here…

as you both are aware, I’ll be leaving for

Gossamer by midday

CONTESSA: Your presence will certainly be missed these next four months

SCINTILLA: Yes, what will we ever do without you here

DULCET:  facetiousness aside, I shall be homesick, even for your barbs Sin

CONTESSA: You both know such rivalry upsets me, families should hold each other to the highest positions

PETRICHOR: …yes mother, as this family always does…that is the standard correct

LIGHT:    You, of all people, should not be questioning….


Everyone stops talking, except for Halcyon, who gets up and runs over to his father.

Halcyon: Daddy, I made this for you yesterday in Crafts


FELICITY has travelled the long distance around the grounds, she is still skipping and singing out loud.

“One, two, princes kneel before you…”

The Harbinger is in mid descent, angling to land on the Mansion’s front stoops

” You marry him, your father will condone you

how bout that now

You marry me, your father will disown you…”

Felicity notices  Harbinger make his landing.  She removes her ear buds and quickens her pace to meet him there

Felicity:            Harby, back so soon…

Harbinger:      Yep, couldn’t resist those angel eyes

Felicity:           Oh, you flatter me, but you could get those wings clipped with talk like that

Harbinger:     I’ll take my chances….you know me, the big time sky-boat gambler and all

Felicity:            hahaha, that’s hilarious…can I touch it

Harbinger:    but of course, when have I ever denied you such pleasures

Felicity strokes Harbingers outstretched wings.  He raps the giant door-crest.  A Mellifluous siren fills the air

Harbinger:   I’ll never get tired of that sound…

Felicity stops stroking his wings.  Harbinger retracts his wings

Felicity:  Do you remember when we were kids, you me and Rain

Harbinger:  How could I forget, we use to sneak from play, rap away  and then hide ourselves in the bushes

Felicity:  Poor Thomas…

THOMAS, a very old butler, answers the door, Felicity and Harbinger laugh loudly.

Thomas:  Miss Felicity

Felicity:      I know, Byron told me, there’s a package waiting for me

Thomas:       It’s in the Master Den

Mr. Harbinger, how can I be of service

Felicity:        Nice seeing ya again Harby

Harbinger:  Always my pleasure….(Felicity enters the house, exiting view)

Yes, I have a special delivery for Master Light.

Thomas:          I shall summon the master, please step inside

Thomas, with all his strength, bangs a gong-like cymbal five times.                CUT TO:



HALCYON hands his father a long string necklace, with alternating green and white beads, in the center a wooden tile…

FOUNT: Hal, this is wonderful…the House colors, you made this for me yourself?

Halcyon: Yes daddy, well Mr. Jameson did help a little..look

Halcyon points out the wooden tile

Fount: Yes, the family crest and motto in ancient script (taken a bit aback)

Halcyon: Familjen är ryggraden av hövlighet. Alltid först i huset

Dulcet: Very nicely stated

Contessa: Family is the spine of civility. Forever first in House

Petrichor:  Hal, how wonderful, in only 8 summers….

…and to think, there are some, who shall remain nameless,

that have not learned the family words in the thirty plus years he’s bled this same blood

LIGHT:      IS There something you want to say, then just say it…I have no time for these games…and

Father has much more important things to worry about…

A loud chime is heard, five times it rings, the signal for visitors

Fount: Light, will you do me the favor..

Light:  With Pleasure

Light Leaves, Maids shuffle food in and shuffle food out.  Plates are refilled and mouths as well…    CUT TO:


BYRON is standing with HARBINGER by the front door.  LIGHT is descending the spiral staircase.

FELICITY can be seen, inside the attaching Master Den,  unwrapping a box.

Light (From Stairs): My Voice must suffice messenger, father is deep in discussion, he regrets the absence greatly

Byron:  Master Light, it is fine, The Harbinger is seeking a word with your ear

Light:   So soon you return, I do believe it was but five stars since we last met…I am intrigued fully, please do begin

Harbinger hands a small silk bag to Light, now at the door.

Harbinger:  Yes, your grace, it has been a short lapse since our last acquaintance, but I come bearing a gift

Light:     Gift you say….from whom?

Harbinger:  From your brother Dar…

Light:  Byron, that will be all for now

Byron hands the silk pouch to Light

LIGHT:                     You spoke to my brother

HARBINGER:        Indeed, gave me that bag to deliver to you

LIGHT:                    Is he still..

HARBINGER:       Locked away, yes…

LIGHT:                   That is a positive, but how were you able to see him

and why did you travel there

HARBINGER:     I have access to every where, and was swinging around

on another delivery, and thought, why not

LIGHT:                WHY NOT?  Are we talking about the same brother?

HARBINGER:    Unless young Master Hal is locked away as well, I would say that’s a yes

LIGHT:               You must know why he’s there, correct?

HARBINGER:  Of Course, but those things don’t phase me….after all I did nothing to him…


HARBINGER:  I didn’t say anything to the effect

LIGHT:             But you did imply that

HARBINGER:  If you say so, but you’d be digging for something that ain’t there

LIGHT removes the tie-string from the bag and lets the Talisman slip into his palm

LIGHT:               What is this for?

HARBINGER:  It appears to be a Talisman, they’re usually given for good luck

LIGHT:               I know what a Talisman is, but why would my brother give one to me?

HARBINGER:  Boy, oh Boy, your Family really tries their best to inflate my ego, thinking I am the know-it-all of this DEMESNE

LIGHT:              I wouldn’t say know-it-all, more like of the Nosy sort

HARBINGER:  Well, I don’t know why he would, I wouldn’t have if I were in his shoes, but

perhaps he’s had some time to reflect and has sent this token as an olive branch

LIGHT:              You really don’t know DARK at all, do you?

HARBINGER:  Well, I may have mentioned your impending Nuptials to miss Felicity

LIGHT:              And…

HARBINGER:  And that seemed to have a Last nail in the coffin effect on him…He did seem truly sorry

if that matters at all

LIGHT:              Be GONE, and make no mention of this delivery, or of him….his name is not welcome here any longer

His actions have caused this family enough grief…our mother has just seemingly come to accept the

fact her favorite son betrayed all that’s sacred

HARBINGER:  Very well, this boy may have wings, but he’s also has the tightest lips in the realm, but, if you ask me

me for my opinion, knowing your brother as I do, and after just seeing him….I really don’t think

he’d ever do anything against you or your family….and I can’t see him taking a life…but that’s just me

LIGHT:            you are right, it’s just you, and nobody asked you for your opinion.  Good day

HARBINGER LEAVES.  LIGHT stares at the Talisman. Then:

Felicity {OS}: Whatcha got there

LIGHT:           Oh, just some town folks attempt to get away with a month’s dues

and what was delivered for you, and who did the sending

FELICITY:    It’s three things really, A Chatoyant crystal, a Blue Elixir with Ethereal Gas inside

and a splendid efflorescence vine..

A Paleness quickly washes over LIGHT’s face.  He quickly puts away the Talisman,  takes Felicity

by the hand and they ascend the staircase.

The two songs FELICITY IS SINGING in this piece are:



This is Part two of an idea that just came to me tonight, after reading through Shawna’s word list prompt for this weeks Monday Melting. Words used from this week’s 100 word prompt are in BOLD.

The first part of this piece can be read at my Poetical Psyche poetry site.