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Yellow Cab Cutie


Pike me up, toll road’s down,

Free to handle, each strain of

Gravel to skip up and hit the carriage underneath

Clean so close to this broken stretch of ground does mean

Invisible and aligned


All and both the turns, a foundational approach

For the indecisive set, a line, a hoax, a holler and a mixed bag of magnitude…a combinatory…..stretch of paint….that only illustrates….the dimensions…of what is determined to be……. wretchedness


Never been careful to what the trap door lies, even after knowing the blueprint, even after hearing the hollow boot to slat, I forget and flip about in seconds flat….too much drinking on the job is never advisable…yet so many people choose to go against the grain…


Forget-me-not, soon will rise the morning sun, and quickly I relive the last eight that I’ve spent…I don’t work the nine to five, nor the two to ten, I’ve been called a vampire, yeah, a vampire… as the past twenty, it’s only the graveyard that I’ve sensed


Lowly peon, scrounging sap, broken loner, a perfect patsy for those who don’t want to work, yet the dispatcher often claims, I can’t be on the job, lest overtime I will demand


How they know me so little


Jersey hack, wild ride, Pay my fare and confess your sins

And when tomorrow’s born,

You’ll feel the cost yet know you’re home

Despite forgetting how and who got you there…


Such the life, such is the life….for a livery man and his getting older every day loving bride….in yellow, gussed up in yellow paint and wheels that ride


About hobgoblin2011

In 2012 I was 370 lbs, dealing with severe spinal injuries and miserable in every aspect of the word. Through hard work, dedication and the installation of self-belief, I changed everything about myself. It took 5 years to become the person I am today and I want to share everything I’ve learned during my transformation. Transformations aren’t solely about weight loss. I’ve learned that to truly transform you must change in many more ways than that. I hope to provide useful tips, information and motivation/inspiration to anyone who needs to make a Change themselves.

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