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Of a Scientific Mind (set) Found as Free

ST(rings) and
Contraction’s known
In cSerial delectability’s milky wayeight

A vague understanding of everything is generally enough information to carry one’s self adequately when attending the socially structured artifice known colloquially as the Cocktail Party.

½ odd
integral spin—
statistical relevance
when drawn composites—
hypothetically sprawl their
quarks about, submitting
charge to the
sea quench sequential
flavors shown

(U)p (d)own
(s)trange (c)harm
(b)eauty (t)ruth
as alike are
none two

An assertion made out of guttural instinct, is just as likely to stem from indigestion, as it is, to originate from some psychically charged state of dalliance born adrift from experiential view.

Madcap rationales are but separate forms of bias. They are, can be built upon, either stacked instrumentally or charged electrically; from beneath the flesh, it may tap deep into the realm of something along the lines of soul-stich, yet, it is also possible to balance the unexplainable explanation through impartments bestowed.

In such cases, as could be found in this, the latter possibility, one is advised, that if travelling down such pathways is an absolute necessity, then, to simply cite sources close to the situation, without abdicating any pertinent details of any kind whatsoever. We advise such discourse, simply for the factuality that is inherently absconded through the academia(s) of belief, where ghosts and apparitions, no matter their ability to be maddeningly informative, are instant routes to discretization.

Here within uncertainties pronounced, afterimages, as they linger, rest upon the rungs laced in Déjà vu.
Please, be kind to yourself, for boson’s will certainly grow overactive in their affection towards quantum (st)ate. Upon listening to these “soldiers of scholastic bigotry,” a composite reaction may turn from void to null, breaching the realities of solutions self-absorbed.

Dynamic prisms…crack, scratch, claw and whinny
Whence pondered upon in discourteous lights
Administers requisitioned from anecdotal times—to instill a sense of structure to stories born sans-wisdom—
often goading its ratability from special places, the kinds often reserved for mystics, cynics and weavers of the fountain stick

from the bellies of allegory, storytellers recount and reanimate, the songs once spoken of. Here that juvenile sense of wonder is revitalized, where even within the callously benumbed, a rekindling of innocence is once more elated to the magical realms of dreams, found, even with, no, especially for, all their flaws, where

Lose rigidity
Through fragility;
sensitivity slakes
It’s sated tongue, with
The feelings allowed to
Then therein flutter free—

Then think again.
Think. And generally you’ll get by…but

When you can no longer tolerate the drab and dry, then perhaps
It’s time, if one can accept the possible consequents to come, to
Think again(st)_________________________WHY, WHERE, WHAT, HOW, IS, CAN and WHEN….questions, such as these, are, can be, a freely operational mind’s best of friends—
A septet whose inquisitions shall always offer dialogues that never end.

This piece was inspired by Anna Montgomery’s Meeting the Bar Article and Prompt, which she posted last week on D’Verse


About hobgoblin2011

I'm a poet and aspiring screenwriter/songwriter with a passion for film, art, photography, philosophy and heavy metal. I love reading, mainly non-fiction, comic books, graphic novels, myth and reference. Family always comes first for me. I'm a proud father to two wonderful pups and two curious cats. I'm also a glutton for punishment aka the life of being a diehard Buffalo Bills and Sabres fan.

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  1. I need to pay more attention at cocktail parties – if I ever get invited to one.
    I’m a Liverpool FC fan. That makes me a glutton for punishment too.

    • LOL yeah, cocktail parties are definitely a mix of interesting, odd and a bit pretentious. Hopefully our respective squads will turn it around one day and the rapture won’t be waiting for us when it’s all time to celebrate lol. Thanks for the reply

  2. First, the wordplay is astounding and appealing, your reading bringing your sharp wit to life. I found that a close reading was required, I love that about your work in general. The think again(st) worked particularly well, driving home your points. I am happy to know you joined us for the prompt. Excellent!


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