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Fragmented Actions

Radio. Loud
Phone. Vibrate
Finger. Press
Radio. Silence
Voice. Answer. Hello
Voice. Reply. …
Finger. Press
Hand. Mouth. Grabs. Cigarette. Puff. Puff. Cigarette. Crushed. Ashtray. Grey. Ashes and Much Too Unsmoked. Wasted. Butts Remain. Lungs. Cough. Eyes. Water. Lungs Cough. Lungs Cough. Hand. Grabs. Cup. Coffee. Lips. Sip. Throat. Quenched. Cough. Gone.
Hand. Open Drawer. Rummage. Pull. Scrap Paper. Read
Hands. Keys. Fumble. Floor.
Face. Hot. Perspiration. Bead. Sweat. Drop. Scrap. Paper. VOICE. Curse

Eyes. Scan.
Hand. Phone.
Fingers. Press.
Eyes. Scan
Fingers. Press
Eyes. Scan. Send
Fingers. Itching
Fingers. Biting. Raw. Blood.
Hand. Scrap Paper. Automatic. Napkin.
Voice. Answer. ….
Voice. Reply. …
Thanks. Goodbye
Thank you.
Finger. Phone. Off
Hand. Phone. Pocket.
Hand. Wallet. Back Pocket.
Hand. Finger. Light Switch. Off
Feet. Move. Hallway. Quick.
Feet. Move. Stairwell. Dark. Fast. Skipping Steps
Eyes. Look. Mind. Remembering. Remembering. Remembering
Eyes. Recognition.
Feet. Move. Fast
Body. Stop. Eyes. Scan. Eyes. Notice. Feet. Jump. Move. Quick
Hand. Fingers. Handle. Grasp.
Rear. Sits. Seat. Hand. Grabs. Strap. Secures. Torso. Safe
Hand. Grabs. Door. Closed.
Hand. Key. Insertion. Dash. Turn. Roar
Radio. Blare.
Hand. Fingers. Push.
Radio. Silence
Hand. Gear. R
Head. Turns. Eyes. Watch. Clear. Hands. Spin. Wheel.
Hands. Shift. Gear. D
Foot. Pressing. Down. Pedal.
Car. Exhaust. Fumes. Covet. Air.
Car. Tires. Squeal. Tires. Spin. Marks. Left
Car. Drives. Car. Drives. Car. Evades. Red. Lights. Car. Moves. Fast
Car. Slows. Car. Ramp. Eyes. Scan. Eyes Recognize.
Hand. Grabs. Lever. Down. Hands. Wheel. Spin Slight. Left. Turn.
Foot. Brake. Car. Stop.
Hand. Fingers. Grasp. Key. Turn. Car. Off. Extract. Keys.
Hand. Door. Open. Hand. Unclasps. Belt. Torso Safe. Body. Exits.
Hand. Door. Shut. Hand. Fingers. Press. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP.
Feet. Move. Fast. Feet Move. Quick. Eyes. Glance. Watch. Feet Jump.
Feet. Race. Eyes. Watch. Eyes. Watch.
Hand. Grasps. Door. Open. Enter. Feet. First. Hands. Head. Body. In

Eyes. Watch. Glance. Time. Sweat. Beads. Brow. Fine.
Wait. Line. Long. Time. Short. Feet. Prance. In Place.
Eyes. See. Empty Automated Ticketing.
Mind. Thinks. Derogatory. Comment. Re: Computer Vs. Man.
Mind. Recognizes. Time. Short. Can’t Dwell.
Hands. Press. Hand Grasps. Card. Swiped. Ticket. Print.
Hand. Grabs. Tickets. Quick. Feet. Move. Gate. Surprisingly Empty.
Body. Undressed. Wand. Still. Beep. BEEP. Hand Pat. Necessary.
Eyes. Glance. Watch. Sweat Beads.
Voice. “Is Everything alright”
Voice. Mine. Replying. “No.”
DETAINED>Plane. Departs.
Eyes. Watch. Voice. Left.
Hand. Presses. Buttons. Phone.
Ringing. Ringing. Ringing. Other End.
Voice. …
Voice. Mine. Apology.
Voice. …
Voice. Mine. “I see. Well. Thanks. Anyway”
Feet. Move. Slow.
Ticket Gate. NO REFUND>Apply. To. Future. Flight.

REVERSE> ACTIONS. Parking. Structure. To Home.
Stopping. Only. To Fill Tank.
Only For Credit. To Be denied. WHY?
Hand. Slams. Back of Car.
Voice. Curses. Loud.
Child Passes. Voice. Apologizes. Mind. Feels Shame.
Body. Reenters Car.
Hand. Scrambles through. Glove Box. Nothing Found.
Hand. Wheel. Feet. Pedal. Car. Drive.
END>Sequence. End. Promise. End. With Questions. Many Questions.
Unanswered. Unexplained. Unreasonably. Baffled. As to Why. Fate. Treats. One. As. It Often. Does. Questions. Teem. Answers. Less Than. Questions. Home. Feelings. Dissipate. Shades. Drawn. Lights On. TV> On. Comedy. Funny. HAHAHAHAA. A Bit Maniacal. Yes. I know. But. Troubles. Gone. Understandably. To Return. But Not. At least. Until:

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About hobgoblin2011

In 2012 I was 370 lbs, dealing with severe spinal injuries and miserable in every aspect of the word. Through hard work, dedication and the installation of self-belief, I changed everything about myself. It took 5 years to become the person I am today and I want to share everything I’ve learned during my transformation. Transformations aren’t solely about weight loss. I’ve learned that to truly transform you must change in many more ways than that. I hope to provide useful tips, information and motivation/inspiration to anyone who needs to make a Change themselves.

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  1. That’s a scary thing. To be detained like that at the airport. My neighbours daughter recently flew to England, they stopped her at customs and kept her in a room for three hours. She had no idea why and was so freaked out by the ordeal, she caught a flight straight back to Canada. This is really different Fred. Fragmented and yet all pieces fit together of a day in the life.

  2. ha…love the creative texture of this…the short clips make this almost like a silent movie, or nearly…really cool way you did this man…as to the actions within…oy somedays watching soemthing mindless allows us to just put the day behind us…thank goodness…

  3. Wow, Fred. This is an amazing poem. I found myself reading faster and faster, my heart beating faster and faster, as I read. I was thinking it was leading to a dire ending. I was glad it didn’t….. Very creative presentation & plot!

  4. Well if this was comedy, it got me all worked up if I am detained at the airport….It’s not a pleasant experience….the terse words and format are creative ~ Congrats on joining the D’verse Team ~

  5. As per Brian’s comment about the poem seeming like a silent film it brought to mind Kim Ki-duk’s excellent film, 3 Iron, which is largely silent. I enjoyed the recording and found that I created a whole backstory for the character. The brushstrokes provided the scaffolding and my imagination ran off with the story. Very nicely done! Congratulations on joining the dVerse team (I am super jealous but thrilled for you :)).

  6. Welcome to the team and thanks so much for the comments on my poem. Another poem I’ve read today that could be a one act play – actually (giving away my advanced years here…) would play well on the radio. Just a voice acting it through. You could make it for youtube and use stills or signs or abstracts – an interesting jumping off place for much more art! Definitely innovative.

  7. Fred, OMG! Listening to this unqiue form…sort of a rant? Not a poem, an experience that actually created a feeling of anixety in e! This is amazing. You have, perhaps, started a new movement in the world of poetry. Especially liked the sound effects in your reading and the TSA voice. Wow!

  8. Uneven Stephen

    Wow, I love what you did here Fred. Nice screenplay feel. Quite a statement about our society. Again, congrats on your dVerse gig. So much talent on their team.

  9. very interesting…completely different to what i’ve read by you so far…really like how tight you describe the things that happen and then just relaxing in front of the tv… sometimes not a bad escape…

  10. I really needed the audio for this–thanks for including it Fred–the abruptness, so perfectly expressed in the reading, the fragmentary nature of what is going on at any given time, really comes across in the staccato, isolated single words, all capped and perioded neatly, yet so much is out of control that punctuation will never address, so much of life is that desperate struggle to define, limit, control, and brings the full ashtray, the slammed hand, the regretted but needed curse—and the subtly of the actual events and emotions is only underlined by the robotic facade of simple words, spit out like pebbles. Really interesting and creative work here, Fred. I enjoyed it very much.


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