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A Gift of Love (Spiritual Proclamation)

A gift of love, is always a spiritual proclamation,
intended, not to simply replenish, that which has been depleted dry,
but to forever fill you with the affirmations that have ever been broadcast
unto your lost and blinded eyes…

A gift of love, is always a union between Heaven and Earth,
a sacrifice delivered from the father to his kin-ever protecting
and providing for all who desire his love within…

thy kingdoms gift…

the promises and the key…

upon thee burdens,
and anoint them as a blessing,
an experience of generosity…

Drink deep each wave
within my overflowing cruet…

Satiate meaning
in every moment together, aligned…

Give thanks for all that’s granted
and understood…

Give greater thanks for all things bestowed,
where interpretation has yet been promised…

Nourish thy thirst and
refill thee dehydrated roots…

Do not evade the beauty, which my chalice provides,
it’s gold is forged to contour every lip, in both touch and effectiveness…

Take refreshment with fluidity, as it’s matriculating through each drop shared…

Know, you will never go thirsty in my presence…

Know, that in my sacristy, I donate all I’ve ever had…

Know, that in my tabernacle, I only offer what is never ending…

In each and every instance and case,
A love here, emanates, pulsing through the barren and the numb…

And even when the vessel is all but dry, my bounty given, will provide,
an ounce, which is, all, you’ll ever, need…

Another Tuesday is upon us, which, lucky for us, means that another installment of Open Link Night is now upon us. Head on over to D’Verse and get your dose of amazing poetry.


About hobgoblin2011

In 2012 I was 370 lbs, dealing with severe spinal injuries and miserable in every aspect of the word. Through hard work, dedication and the installation of self-belief, I changed everything about myself. It took 5 years to become the person I am today and I want to share everything I’ve learned during my transformation. Transformations aren’t solely about weight loss. I’ve learned that to truly transform you must change in many more ways than that. I hope to provide useful tips, information and motivation/inspiration to anyone who needs to make a Change themselves.

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  1. Love is the greatest gift we can ever be given or, give too, isn’t it.
    Lovely read Fred!

  2. Uneven Stephen

    Great intro…especially “but to forever fill you with the affirmations that have ever been broadcast / unto your lost and blinded eyes…” Love your approach here, and how you blend poetic phrases with traditional, spiritual/religious words, especially “refill thee dehydrated roots…” A unique and inspiring read for sure.

  3. This opens really nicely and the spiritual religious tone lifts the whole thing somewhere else. I don’t do religion much myself, but the way you presented it here (and because I generally imagine you to be in a Tarantino head space for some reason when I read you) reminds me a little of the way Samuel L Jackson reels off his speech in Pulp Fiction… you know which one I’m sure. And oddly, in my head that kept it nice and cool rather than too religious, which worked well for me at least!

  4. Great write about the power and depth of love

  5. A gift of love, is always a union between Heaven and Earth…nice it is a joining of the two man….and i think on some level you capture the spirituality of it all that goes beyond rote religeon….love is where it is at…

    • Thanks Brian, glad you enjoyed the piece. I was hoping to catch the symbolism from reverse here. As often, the symbols lead back to a sense of faith/spirituality, so was hoping as I wrote this, to let the allusions/symbols go the other way this time. Thanks again

  6. A proclamation indeed. Wonderfully and powerfully written – has that desert fathers feel to it. K

  7. Somewhat of a departure, but love will do that, fill all the cracks and flow on through without losing a drop…I pictured this being decanted from a very old pulpit, with light from a stained glass window falling on the listeners.

    • Yeah, somewhat is key word there, as I often find religious symbolism/allusions popping up as a write, but a piece that is so overtly themed like this one, is rare. The old pulpit is a good image, I kind of went with a bit of that in the reading.

  8. Very spiritual and uplifting…quite different from your usual write but this is lovely ~

  9. Lovely..there is no greater thing than love!

  10. this is unusual for you because it has a religious (biblical, prayer, litany) tone to it.

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    • I actually do write a lot of pieces with religious themes layered, but yeah, you’re right, very rarely do I ever come up with something that is pretty much religious from head to toe. Kind of just go with whatever comes.

  11. Reading your reply above, Fred, I’d say this is an inspired metaphorical write that really gets at the heart of what religion should be about. Don’t you love it when you come up with something that surprises you?

  12. ahh…but to be lost somewhere between heaven and earth; now that is a love worth being lost in.

    mmm…the idea of someone giving everything they have–all of themselves–is an idea I can get lost in, yet I wonder what if…what if it is not enough?



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