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Zones of Grey

I. A Dirt Patch for Jupiter

…And so, marrows consummation enmeshes its hearth unto,
every comingled skyline roused by love’s lost promenade

“Oh, sweet harvest, ever thriving daughter of alluvium,
enrich these argillaceous plots of clay, with your nourishing fertility”

These tribunals of antiquity
Remain, today, at this current hour,
Somatically barren, in its present form,
As it once stood, ethically depraved, as it once did
Way back, way back when
A fiendish adiposity befriended fully
The magistrates gathered then

…Ergo, as happenstance would have promulgated before,
The Plebeians of the present stock, convene in curmudgeons guise,
Conspiring discreetly with those whose sufferance, succinctly measured, bears repeating patterns, of cossets grouped in unison, proclaiming fiery disdain for their frailty, and cling so tightly to each

II. The Flautist With a Disencumbered Fife

Sterling worth ingrained through intrinsic mezzotint—where burnished byways commandeer external composition—and in so doing, the impositions of such an inertly implied coarsening, exsanguinates deftly—being stripped clean of each dire eccentricity—ingratiates the condemned whispers bound in pledge, to no longer fret the flailing privileged—for a peculiar echo oft embargoed heretofore, now emits freely it’s consistency— wherewithal returns—as the once exiled melody, now affluent, effectively restricts, the all affecting expenditures, inherent to the sound procured by a displaced banshee’s wailing moan

III. Quorum Developed Under Moonlight

To squander evening’s splendor, ruminating within impossible quarries of infinitely expansive scenery, is to abandon one’s harness and rein, while shimmering across an undiscovered tract of tertiary terrain.

In this vastly altered aspect ratio, wide-lens phenomenon swiftly reproach the only roles they’ve ever cared to know. It is here, from their expressively distraught perch-points—that a tautological reawakening emerges, siring forth dominion to all the indignant drones left adhering to mistruths told—

Heliotropic trends suspend prognoses—instead, issuing all expatriates a place at tomorrows table—Scythes are collected, swapped for halos, halos that deter and dismantle any lingering effects of influence retained within the trace particulates of fear-beguiling residues still readily acceptable and accessible, at many of the uncharted basins too quickly skimmed by sight

IV. Power Breeds Caricatures of Dialect

Rorschach tests blot the frames…PTSD is rampant to those that only ever knew such lifestyles now rampantly being denied…

There’s an eagerness still spreading its infection…dangling around necks, it’s quickly referenced, and all past glories are thusly recalled…the newness that surrounds…the species found in the confiscated bestiaries are more than the most gifted of imaginations could conjure….

A widespread assault on all living creatures…. this is the decree by the most decorated of military leaders…this approach seems unnecessary and morally depraved…I’ve written as such in my daily journal…it and all my pertinent musings are recorded daily…in case the indigenous population revolts, as I’m fully expecting such a retaliation to commence soon…If only I had a say…there is so much to devour educationally…but, regardless of my position…it was determined many years ago, many years before I was who I am today, and in such times as this, the militia consume all power….but my greatest fear, is that the, what I determine to be, senseless exterminations…are being conducted simply so the General can retain his supreme control…

V. Threats, Bullets and Prayer

“I miss music.
I miss ignorance…
I wish I never came up with the stray bullet theory…perhaps…if I hadn’t…the songs would still stream…never would we have taken such a voyage…and never, never would so many have forgotten the meaning behind Namaste.”

“GOD, I pray for these souls lost on this terrain, this terrain I’m looking down upon right now. I pray you’ll keep all as safe as can be—perhaps one day their “threat” will cease being such an issue…and then an attempt to teach and learn, a period of scientific exploration can commence, and then…

…GOD, if it’s not too much to ask for, I pray this process is resolved safely, securely, and we learn much from it…but more than anything, I pray this ends soon, so those of us who wish, can quickly return back home…”



About hobgoblin2011

In 2012 I was 370 lbs, dealing with severe spinal injuries and miserable in every aspect of the word. Through hard work, dedication and the installation of self-belief, I changed everything about myself. It took 5 years to become the person I am today and I want to share everything I’ve learned during my transformation. Transformations aren’t solely about weight loss. I’ve learned that to truly transform you must change in many more ways than that. I hope to provide useful tips, information and motivation/inspiration to anyone who needs to make a Change themselves.

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