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In Dreams, Even Trail Mix is Symbolic

Had a dream whilst awake:

A Serengeti sun blazing as the
animals all bowed their heads to run
arms reached then
from that sun in that sky
as clusters of trail-mix
fell upon me there
like hail
a deus ex machina
fashioned scene was created
and a hybrid superhero thus
ripped from the tabloid text that
somehow was dangling from my
left hand-
composite, as he/she
shall forever forward be known
did some things
super things
and all the dried fruit,
seeds and nuts
were compiled-into
ziploc baggies

As I felt a new day stirring me awake
I struggled in that hypnogogic state
only to find out
I somehow made my way
to a petting zoo

Eagerly I wanted to feed them all
but unfortunately, as does often happen
in waking life, they were sleeping or
caged up for cleaning

and so, I offered the one guy a baggie
to which he put the pressure washer down
thanked me and said his name is joe

Left, only to wake once more…


About hobgoblin2011

I'm a poet and aspiring screenwriter/songwriter with a passion for film, art, photography, philosophy and heavy metal. I love reading, mainly non-fiction, comic books, graphic novels, myth and reference. Family always comes first for me. I'm a proud father to two wonderful pups and two curious cats. I'm also a glutton for punishment aka the life of being a diehard Buffalo Bills and Sabres fan.

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