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Flags of Freedom

Sacred rags, become so much more
When draped, under the guise of honor
Soaking up the stains prevalent in any war

Cast amidst the soot and stench
The rigor in each victim claws to scrape
Yet because of duty, die, as such is often the course

Sigils stained and marred veneers
Tapestried freedom vented clear
And yet, yet still
Hope remains alive unfurled
While the honor of the fallen
Sacrifice self and future’s name
So the meek and child
Can have a chance to persevere
As each hour is but a second
In historical view
Altering privilege,
Changing the atmosphere
Of a most tenable air


About hobgoblin2011

I'm a poet and aspiring screenwriter/songwriter with a passion for film, art, photography, philosophy and heavy metal. I love reading, mainly non-fiction, comic books, graphic novels, myth and reference. Family always comes first for me. I'm a proud father to two wonderful pups and two curious cats. I'm also a glutton for punishment aka the life of being a diehard Buffalo Bills and Sabres fan.

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