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A really bad hair day

Amalgamated rumpled tresses, alloys impaired by tainted and immoral airs, dirty and depreciated, unsightly and abominably vitiation there
Locks a muss, degraded and devalued cheapened look
Blotchy Frocks transfused in jags and crooks
Disordered, loose, defiled mix of thinning glare
Heedless frowzy frizzled free, powdered reflections of frazzled complacencies, born wild, dripping untamed, fleshly soil, to plant anew, bedecked yet bedragged—about by seams frayed with veins subscript to anarchical visions of a blustered lilt all until
Watered down your look becomes, weakened in their every need, boundlessly untidy shaves and spikes desecrate the pulpits of the mind, mar the tapestry intertwined

Chaotic muddled slipshod slack
Topsy-turvy windmill unthorough lax
Dowdy, dingy, down-at-the-heel
Grubby, disordered, seedy astir
Slapdash, slack, grungy-mess
Bemoaned, disabled and deprived of rest
Unkempt, wrinkled, scuzzy,
Cast down, cheapened, debauchery abased
Debilitated, dragged down dishonored spread awry
Fluffed off, humbled, humiliated, floppy mop of vagrant threads
Uncombed, blowzy, bedraggled, squalid sty
Dishabille, begrimed, threadbare
Shabby, mucky-chic, slatternly
Dreggy, sodden, sullied, straggled sweep of decrepit
Unzipped, tousled, bagged out
Slovenly, unsightly, unlaundered
Polluted wretched spool sprawling
Eastward downturned northern spry
Profane, altered, ever swaying debasing attenuated blend

Ashamed, chagrined, mortified dread
Unregimented dips and bends,
Pops of guilt sheepishly stuttering through
Ever duck and genuflected drops so cruel
Curvy misaligned cowering hunched incline
Stammering blushes, blue-gray haze
Of disdained and crestfallen discomfitures of shamefaced pares and rinds

Adulterated cuts of denatured mingling pseudo-scenes
Contemptible for profit, commingling impure fixations doctored up and diluted down—hiccups defined as such, with obvious the varying degree, from villas in the country place, to estates sea-facing the lakes, to the ghetto tenements and the suburban clones, each has their black sheep, for each caste conforms the rules, a hero in one realm a goat in the next, a devil in disguise or a villain in reprise

Animal, despoiled deformed deframed decay
Subverted ruins bastardizing with its barbs of blights and bribes
Unbridled, unrefined, retrogress of design, eroded bare the fall—

Unqualified and undermined, degenerative conditioning, hazy wind-swept percolated atmosphere, imbibing upon the elixirs you’ve convinced the mind, will help erode this haggard feeling of rotting and entangled knots inside

Bristling greys, and lashing browns, a daub of dye to colorform distinctive strains of cilium found—fibrous and malicious ogling eyes malign with the mustached thatching of adult stigmatic metaphor, bewhored are the quills and tufts, manes and muffs, wigs of cotton, rugs of tweed, not original, and so the scalp only thus pretends to need, for it’s the filaments of the mind’s eye, that ever dictates this disorganized cry, the vanity plates born within, built out of countless paranoia’s the mirror’s fore-long told, rippling tales of dearth and fear, bearing the shocking sideburns of inevitable and never-ending frizzled despair—forever splitting ends with the shaggy countenance we all too often wear

This piece started out as a simple brainstorming exercise, where sometimes I try to think along synonymous lines, I kept going and then decided to just take it over the top by popping open the old thesaurus and filled in some additional lines of thematic illustrations and metaphor.


About hobgoblin2011

I'm a poet and aspiring screenwriter/songwriter with a passion for film, art, photography, philosophy and heavy metal. I love reading, mainly non-fiction, comic books, graphic novels, myth and reference. Family always comes first for me. I'm a proud father to two wonderful pups and two curious cats. I'm also a glutton for punishment aka the life of being a diehard Buffalo Bills and Sabres fan.

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