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Villainous Lover

You’d think you were Magneto,
With how you draw me towards
You act like you’re Electro
Ever shocking me with your lighting storms

You’re parallax and all it’s fear
My lanterns die when you come near
You’re captain cold, perhaps Mr. Freeze
A sheath of ice, forming, trapping me with ease

You’d think it was Carnage that you became then
scribbling your name with a bloody pen
forever etched across this heart’s wall
Forcing me to embrace the venom’s call

You act like Poison Ivy
Every time you drift a room
You’re scent’s intoxicating
Contagious to consume
You act like Mxyzptlk
Not allowing me to understand
the reasons for your actions, the reason for your plans
You act like Mxyzptlk
Ever entangling the snares between,
impelling me to trick you away from me

Like a shape shifter made of sand
You transform to any thing you possibly can
But turn you will, back to grain and dust
Disappear, but you’ll return, and this I trust

Riddle me this, many times I’ve heard that poke
From puns and riddles to the cruelest jokes
And I know your laughter will only extend
until the last punch-line’s been said and ends

You’re deadshot
When it comes to me
Always piercing my heart
With supreme accuracy

And I’ll wait for you
That little girl whom I fell for
With all that she is, all of her flaws, and so much more

For countless days I’ve yearned
For that little girl to return
For the real mystique to show her skin,
So perhaps, together we can start again

Linked to D’Verse OLN Anniversary Edition. Happy Birthday Guys and Gals, can’t believe how quickly the time past by, amazing poetic community, expanding exposure and offering a great forum for sharing and exploring poetics, meeting likeminded artists and for helping to create those moments of inspiration that only needed a bit of prompting to break free . Been a blast, look forward to many more anniversary’s. If you haven’t already, check out D’Verse. Open Link Night is in full swing, as it is every tuesday night. Head on over to read the greatest collection of poetry on the web, and while you’re there, step up to the mic and share your own poetry with the world.


About hobgoblin2011

I'm a poet and aspiring screenwriter/songwriter with a passion for film, art, photography, philosophy and heavy metal. I love reading, mainly non-fiction, comic books, graphic novels, myth and reference. Family always comes first for me. I'm a proud father to two wonderful pups and two curious cats. I'm also a glutton for punishment aka the life of being a diehard Buffalo Bills and Sabres fan.

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  1. Love the comic book villain references. They make the poem seem colorful even though no color is mentioned in words. Like these villain who were once ordinary until something came along and change them, the narrator wishes for his girl to be as she once was. Enjoyed reading this piece very much.

  2. haha you rock man…i love comic books so all your ref were pretty amazing…they add a layer of innocence to this as well…the longing for that girl you once fell for…like it much fred…

  3. This was fun; I admit that I had to look up some of these villians. It’s a very creative take on the comic book universe. It’s always wonderful to hear you sing :). The end was touching.

  4. I love the comic book elements, and did not expect it to go where it did, waiting for that little girl you loved, with all her flaws etc, just lovely.

  5. not familiar with that comic so i took it much more personal…and love the word idea what this is but love how it sounds..

    • hobgoblin2011

      thanks Claudia, actually these are all villains from numerous comic books, but yeah, it’s not necessary to know each villain or from what books they came from to really know the theme of the song/poem itself. Glad you enjoyed it, thanks

  6. comic book villiians are cool, and mystique ooooooo-la-la !!!

  7. Ah, I am glad I came ot your poem after others explained that those unknowns were comic book villains! Amidst the villainy, this poem has a sad undertone. I hope the girl once fallen for returns. A great anniversary write.

  8. I imagine all of these villians could be found in abundance this weekend at Comic-Con 2012. But how you weaved them all together so eloquently was quite a treat. I particularly liked “For the real mystique to show her skin.”


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