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The Tortoise and the Undead Gentlemen that wore SP-45

Nosferatu sneezed
and a village reclaims
the lacquered desk

Dracula coughed up
an artery, while dealing
with late night traffic

and the rabbit hopped about the
open lea
looking for a radish buried beneath
the old elm’s root
but what he found
was the checkered line
some other
rabbit buried after stealing
from the shelter of a tortoise
slowly gaining in hot pursuit

Vampires and rabbits

yep…Knight to Bishop 9




About hobgoblin2011

In 2012 I was 370 lbs, dealing with severe spinal injuries and miserable in every aspect of the word. Through hard work, dedication and the installation of self-belief, I changed everything about myself. It took 5 years to become the person I am today and I want to share everything I’ve learned during my transformation. Transformations aren’t solely about weight loss. I’ve learned that to truly transform you must change in many more ways than that. I hope to provide useful tips, information and motivation/inspiration to anyone who needs to make a Change themselves.

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