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The Chinese Theater for Blinded Children

Notoriety bit me in-
famously, sanctioned
by the birth canal,
provoked by the parapet,
draped in clown’s attire
I wondered
when the applause
would turn to claws

And there you’ll be
face up with a glimmer board
attracting the solar flare
while paparazzi’s hand-
grenades of viciously
intended light, convenes
upon my person at the
most unflattering of times

And the price of fame continues to sky-
rocket-shipping extra magnets to
worn out steal, curtains drape across
the washroom, to prevent the
clandestinity to reveal


Gigantomimes in curly-q
trace evidence-euphorically
salaries are contrived
compared to hourly wage
slaves that easily this all
could become, especially
if that non-fiction flashes
forward from sadist to thumb

To which a time I expect certainly to combat
which I’ll lose, because i still believe truth
conquers fakery,
and fakery is but part of the scenery
that needs chewing, blocking-from
aerial directions and/of for the,
tribunals consistent in fourth and fifth
rehashed reHEARSEd directions

Pity the profit
Chasing the fool
AS a nine follows
suit and then
the dream doth
once more endeavor
to dream…COLD SWEAT stares in beads
and I reflect
if all this sleeping inquiry could possibly be true
is deterrence the proper choice for trek or is
all this fanciful by products from eating a greasy burger
moments before passing out in bed…so dear self,
I ponder you…

That if, just for fun and giggling, if these dreams be outlines
do you still wish the star that’s dangling in your path? Would you
pursue it still?

My answer would take but seconds to blurt–
but of course
because the pain and damage plans reveal themselves
regardless the position, one just doesn’t hear too often
the insecurities, the foibles and frights of non-celebrities walking lines–
might as well have the fame
and if you’re gone wear the shame
might as well have the coin
to fashionable accessorize…


About hobgoblin2011

I'm a poet and aspiring screenwriter/songwriter with a passion for film, art, photography, philosophy and heavy metal. I love reading, mainly non-fiction, comic books, graphic novels, myth and reference. Family always comes first for me. I'm a proud father to two wonderful pups and two curious cats. I'm also a glutton for punishment aka the life of being a diehard Buffalo Bills and Sabres fan.

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