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It’s the vesica piscis

composed through the

circular’s decay


Framed, rudderless, almond

shift in sensory, focal blurs

and vexing imagery proliferate

the gospel’s yet explored


Time is a patient gift

easier for those never to know

the pressure lost from piston’s rapt

Lavish, refurbished jewel of a gem


Cryogenic, deep freeze, stare

of an icy princess with sleet pumping

in aortic glist


Saving presents for future unwrappings

stop each night though, so close, oft

in hand, it wants you to unbow the streamer

that constricts the sides; desires nothing more

to lay bare in your hands


You’ve come close, inches from

but something always indoctrinates

your arterial walls with a postering

of hesitance, a dollop of fear, and that

nauseous feeling


when the positive has that tendency to

curdle acutely, inflicting a savage countenance,

to everything amidst it’s zero hour


so pull back, lave

and rest, the present remains

it’s presence remains


and the fact it

does, pushes-pulls

you closer to the

moment of overhype, where


the buildup will never meet standards developed and overdeveloped, time and again

as scenarios continuously play their rotating symphonies….disappointment looms

and there will be that point that undoubtedly shall follow


when the receipt shall be finalized

and the slightest border yet to be crossed

becomes a lathering realization that shall sink in

and walk away

as if there’s something

deadly at rest, in wait, with teeth


savoring your scent


why else would the present wait?


About hobgoblin2011

I'm a poet and aspiring screenwriter/songwriter with a passion for film, art, photography, philosophy and heavy metal. I love reading, mainly non-fiction, comic books, graphic novels, myth and reference. Family always comes first for me. I'm a proud father to two wonderful pups and two curious cats. I'm also a glutton for punishment aka the life of being a diehard Buffalo Bills and Sabres fan.

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